Benefits of Using Mobile in Learning


With the advancement of technology, the education sector has seen various changes. One of the fastest of all technology, which has now become one of the important parts of human’s life is mobile phones. The use of mobile phones has shown tremendous growth. Now almost every individual owns one smartphone, which is used by them in their learning process. Due to its compactness, and easiness to handle along with simplicity and functioning, portability, etc. it is used by every individual. Learning is a necessary part of the life of humans, which smartphones help to fulfill.

Let us have a look at the various number of advantages to the benefits of using mobile phones in learning-

(i) Availability- One of the major advantages of learning through mobile phones is that it is available to the users almost all the time. Unlike the classroom in which students visit during fixed timing, mobile phones can be used by them at any time, from anywhere. Thus the student can learn at their desired time, giving full attention to their studies.

(ii) Visualization- Visual learning allows users to learn through videos. One can easily get to know the in-depth conceptual knowledge of the subject. Various topics like 3-d geometry, algebra, parabola, etc. can be easily understood through the visual means of learning.

(iii) Provide more time for learning- Learning through mobile phones help users to save a lot of time, a student can utilize their leisure time, such as at the time of travel. This helps them to invest more time in studies.

(iv) Fast and Efficient- Learning through mobile phones adds a benefit to the users as it is fast and easy to use. The integration of mobile application has added a benefit to its users, as it allows users to study along the flow, without any confusion, which makes learning in a quick manner. Where it takes tens of days in learning a topic like Polynomial, it hardly takes few days in understanding the concept through the use of mobile phones. Along with this, it gives a long-term impact on learning as the concepts can be remembered for a prolonged duration.

All these benefits of using the mobile application in learning help students to learn various concepts in an effective way. Students can get in-depth conceptual knowledge in an easy manner. Students can learn various topics in maths and science such as functions, permutation and combination etc. with BYJU’S. Also they can get to know various formulas such as trigonometric formulas, geometric formula etc. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn the topics in an effective way.

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