2018 in Review: Our Favourite Movies of the Year

2018 in Review: Our Favourite Movies of the Year 1

As we begin another year lined up with much-anticipated releases, let’s take a moment to look back on those blockbusters that made an impact in 2018. The following list takes you through the top-grossing movies of the year, in order of how much money they made in the box office. From thrillers to comedies, you’re bound to find some titles that will capture your attention. In fact, you may just want to cancel your weekend plans in favour of visiting the cinema or settling in on the couch for hours of film streaming.

Black Panther

This superhero film is based on the comic book character of the same name, by Marvel Comics. Our protagonist T’Challa is crowned king after his father’s death, but his reign is challenged by a powerful enemy that puts the entire world at risk. As the 3rd highest grossing US film of all time, this film has been said to be brilliantly-crafted, spectacular in its twists and an absolute must-watch.

Avengers: Infinity War

This is yet another superhero film based on characters by Marvel Comics, and the sequel to two other movies from 2012 and 2015. In this one, the Avengers take on their enemy Thanos, who is on a quest to collect all six Infinity Stones in order to bring ill fate to the world. A great deal of hype was built up for this film, which was praised for its superhero dramatics and emotional deliverance.

Incredibles 2

The sequel of this original animated superhero film brings this much-loved family back on the big screen as they continue to navigate the difficulties balancing their superhero and normal lives. This time, Helen is called out to superhero duties, leaving her husband at home with the kids. When a new villian emerges, the whole family works together along with Frozone to defeat him. This was the second highest grossing animated film of all time, with fans agreeing that it was definitely worth the wait. This action-packed plot is easily enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Picking up from 2015’s Jurassic World, this is the second part of a trilogy inspired by the early 1993 blockbuster. Taking place three years later, danger continues to ensue on the island on which the theme park sits on, which is now experiencing volcanic eruptions. Being the fifth film surrounding this idea of man meets dinosaur, a lot of expectations were let down this time around, perhaps due to declining thrill of an idea that’s been overdone. Yet, there is inevitably one more movie in the series to go.

Deadpool 2

Another superhero animation sequel, this R-rated film thrives on a devilish kind of humour, as we follow our protagonist form a team of superheroes to save a young boy from a genetically enhanced soldier from the future. Full of witty jokes and clever screenplay, it is guaranteed to have you laughing all throughout

What are you waiting for? Fill up your bowl with popcorn and put that film in streaming before you find there is another whole year of freshly-released films to be wondrously distracted and entertained by.

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