Bit Defender Servers Hacked


To all who use a computer every day is almost daily and even normal to talk about viruses and hackers, and if you’re using a Windows PC item becomes far more common than we would like. While it’s not something we like, we have learned to live with them because certain applications Antivirus, but when you realize that neither own security companies are safe from cyber criminals, that’s when they arrive all user questions as “average” of a computer, if the manager deliver a solution for the virus is hacked, that is for us to hire their services? Today we will discuss how BitDefender was unable to protect even their own servers.

It is very difficult to conceive that a company like BitDefender, which sells security solutions to large businesses and consumers, have security problems on their own servers, but it happened, they managed to enter their systems and extract important information (not encrypted) from various customers. According to BitDefender just about 1% of its users and only belong to small and medium enterprises, but hard to believe that the company-if they were many more affected assume they had full access to all information users do not think they will risk than large companies to cancel the subscription and put them demand.

As often happens in such cases, hackers ask in return a “reward” for not publishing the data, as reported would be USD $ 15,000 which should disburse from BitDefender and keep everything secret, but such people It is very difficult to think that after the payment not maintain the information in their possession for sale to interested parties. Warning As hackers have published this weekend data 250 brand customers, usernames and passwords, all as a sign that the thing is serious. Since BitDefender already acknowledged receipt and spoke on the subject, apparently, they are working on the problem:

“The problem was solved immediately, and have implemented additional security measures to prevent their recurrence. Our investigation revealed that no other server or services were affected.”

Now it is by all users of this antivirus take appropriate safeguards, while the company tries to reassure its customers by playing down the number of possible data extracted, the truth is that if they could get to offload 250 people, nothing He said they could not get all the users and it only remains to make reservations and change passwords if you’re using one of the “solutions” of this brand.

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