How to Select the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

WordPress Hosting Provider

You have finally decided to start a blog and have your articles ready to post. WordPress is the popular platform that you have selected and know the things you are going to do to run your WordPress blog smoothly. Already started searching for resources and now what you need a home for your blog to live.  This means you need to get a good WordPress hosting plan for helping you to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

There are millions of WordPress hosting providers out there and so, it can be daunting to select the best (or the right one). And you need find the best because if you don’t select a good web hosting provider for you, it will give you headaches while running an online business. You just need the best, and can’t tolerate something less than that.

In this post, you will learn to choose the right WordPress hosting.

Pricing of the Plans

For most people, the primary consideration when choosing a web host is the cost of WordPress hosting. Many of you prefer going for the cheapest offer there is, which might be ok. But this isn’t the best move to make.

Remember that in general you get exactly what you pay for in life. Web hosts, similar to any other business, can earn a profit even when they offer you unlimited everything. Though you love to bargain, take a closer look at the features a prospective web host offers instead of jumping on the first cheap plan that you see.

There are various factors that decide the price of web hosting. This can include the support quality and the servers’ health amongst others. If you looking for a powerful hosting plan, you need to be ready to pay. You simply can’t expect the best WordPress hosting in the world for $1 a month.

On the contrary, you don’t need to pay out a big amount for quality hosting. If you run a serious business, thriving e-commerce store or an already popular blog then surely you will need to pay hundreds of dollars per month. But since you are just starting the cost would be affordable.

It means you can surely start with budget friendly shared web hosting. You can upgrade your plan later on with the growth of your website and as your traffic and income increases. The price of WordPress hosting varies with plans, so select one within your budget and choose a web hosting provider who offers the features you need.

Performance and Features

It is important to check the features and level of performance provided by a web host. But features are even more important to run your WordPress site. It’s not a sensible decision to go for a WordPress hosting plan with features that you won’t use.

For example, suppose you have a website with a few pages (such as a hobby blog) and it’s getting a couple thousand visitors per month. So, you probably don’t need a custom hosting plan that is suitable for millions of visitors, 1TB or storage and unlimited sites. No doubt a custom plan is “better” as compared to a basic shared hosting plan when looking for features. But surely it’s not necessarily the best choice when you think about the needs of your hobby blog.

Stay prepared. Make a list of your requirements today and a year from now. Below are a few points to think about:

  • Does the host offer a free migration service?
  • Do you want to host more than one WordPress site?
  • Is SSL provided?
  • Apart from WordPress, will you need to install other scripts – on a separate domain or a sub-domain later on?
  • Does your host offer unlimited domains or sub-domains? Or will you need to move to another host to get these features?
  • Which version of PHP and MySQL is provided? Is it compatible with WordPress’ requirements?
  • Can you pay extra for backup services?
  • Do you want to take advantage of a free domain?
  • Does the web host offer friendly-support and instant response?

Ask such questions to yourself. After all, it is all about your requirements. When you have a solid plan for your website, blog or online business or small business hosting, it will point you to the right WordPress hosting.

When it comes to performance, you need a WordPress hosting provider that offers the best uptime, fast servers, bandwidth and enough disk space to accommodate your needs. Almost all reputable hosts promise you all this.

Because you take your WordPress site seriously, your WordPress hosting provider should too. Ensure to contact them before signing up for anything and ask questions. Check their independent reviews or ask your friends for recommendations.

Customer Support Quality

The customer support that a web host provides should tell you more about the company. If the customer support isn’t as you desired, of course you won’t trust the company for your online business. Suppose your site goes down for some reason, can you contact tech support and get instant help? Can they offer a quick solution? Or will it take long to get help even for the smallest of issues?

Before you select a web host for your WordPress website(s), make sure they have a good reputation for customer support. With a good web hosting company you will get multiple ways of contact – most commonly email, phone and chat. Also check if the customer support team is available 24/7, as well as has good reviews on the internet. Research for these things and then choose a web host that values customer support.


So, while you are selecting the best WordPress hosting provider don’t miss to check these 3 major things. If your web host passes out all the three tests mentioned in the article, it is surely worth to select them and host your website with them.

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