How to Speed up Your Chicago Mobile App Development Project

Mobile App Development Project

Building a mobile app usually requires investing in different resources. Many businesses are always looking for ways to shorten the development cycle and still launch a quality app.

Slashing app development time is a smart way to minimize cost and focus on other things. Check out the effective ways to speed your app development project in Chicago.

Create wireframes

Wireframes allow business owners to play around with several architectures, structures, and designs within a short time. Later on, you can improve your preferred concept.A wireframe can serve as a blueprint for everyone on your team and helps to bridge the communication gap. The app developer that relies on wireframes often detects design issues early on. Creating a wireframe isn’t rocket science. You can simply sketch your idea on a piece of paper or use digital tools.

Cross-platform tools

It’s important to recognize whether you will use a single platform or both from the onset. Nevertheless, the latter will enable you to reach a wider audience. There are different tools at your disposal to develop for multiple platforms.

Third-party assets

Consider using ready-made assets from trusted third-party websites instead of creating them from scratch. Such assets can include code, music, and visuals. They will make your team productive and speed up an app development project.

Automated testing

Automated testing is unarguably an effective way to cut down testing time. One major reason some business owners avoid the testing phase of app development projects is that it’s time-consuming. However, carrying out several tests will help you fine-tune your app and make it user-friendly.

Rely on an agile approach

The agile approach revolves around the concept of working smarter instead of harder. It gives business owners access to real-time testing and more visibility.

Adopting this strategy will help you to get quick feedback from users. This data can go a long way to fix errors on time and focus on the relevant features.

Set up a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product is essential for maintaining a laser-focused development cycle. It’s a handy tool for testing your mobile app and improving its quality. This strategy has helped a lot of businesses to discover that their app idea isn’t marketable, thereby saving resources.

You don’t have to delay launching your app until it’s perfect with an MVP. You’re good to go once it possesses all the necessary features. Bear in mind that leveraging an MVP doesn’t mean you will invest minimal efforts.


Having basic coding knowledge isn’t enough to develop a compelling app in this era. Outsource to a mobile app development company in Chicago for a fast and hassle-free project. Endeavor to do your due diligence before onboarding to be on the safer side.

It’s better to start creating awareness before the launch date and put a plan in place for marketing your mobile app. In case you can’t afford to hire a digital marketer, revamp your marketing strategy and maximize all your platforms for the campaign.

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