Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

An ordinary cigarette is nothing but finely ground tobacco folded into a paper and fixed with a filter at one end. While lighted up the nicotine melts away to generate smoke which is inhaled by the people. This smoke is carcinogenic naturally as the nicotine generates tar that is definitely soaked up into the human body over a period of time. E cigarettes are a benefit to smokers as they simply enable them to smoke at lowered risk level as compared to the tobacco cigarettes. These kinds of e cigarette are very much popular for the last few months as its low-risk of damage and also affordability.

Components of e cigarette

E cigarette is battery controlled electronic equipment that produces vapor owing to a liquid solution of nicotine which is heated by the battery found in the device. The specialty of e cigarette is usually that it does not include any tobacco, does not generate any smoke and there is absolutely no flame at the tip of the cigarette. It usually causes tobacco to burn generating the typical cigarette odor. Rather smoke is swapped by vapor along with the fire is swapped by a sharply glowing LED. It is really interesting to note the individual elements of an e cigarette. The product is extremely preparatory in nature though has emerged as a solid replacement for tobacco cigarettes. An e-cigarette usually has the following parts that get into its making:


LED is used to imitate the fire reaction.

Battery power:

The battery offers the power to warm up the nicotine and to generate vapor to crate the so called ‘vaping’ experience.


The microprocessor is mainly used to sense the light towards the end of the LED along with the pressure applied by people whenever breathing in the vapor.


When the microprocessor manages the pressure, the sensor is used to identify this pressure exerted by the person to breathe in the vapor.


The cartridge keeps the nicotine which is suspended in the glycerin and also glycol solution.

However the health advantage offered by e cigarettes is being debated around the world, smokers are happy to use these as substitutes to tobacco cigarettes. As they absolutely do not contain tobacco and even therefore decrease the risk of health hazards considerably. Moreover, these cigarettes are easy on the pocket and can be re-used by swapping the solution cartridge contained in the device.

All these advantages have attracted smokers to move to this e cigarette thus improving the patronage along with the craze for these electronic devices.


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