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It is evident that managing and controlling a team needs leadership competencies that will ensure the team runs effectively. I have learned that communication skills are the main competence that a leader should possess. Excellent communication skills will help me to express my ideas clearly. As a result, I will build a common understanding between all team members (Walsh, 2018). Importantly, excellent communication skills will help a leader manage bad politics in an organization that may deter set goals. A leader with greater communication skills plays a significant role in influencing others on attaining the set objectives.

I have learned that leadership competencies incorporate skills that will enhance superior performance. The new virtual leadership has competencies such as creativity, vision setting, and cognitive ability (Ziek & Smulowitz, 2014). According to my school of thought, excellent command creates a competitive advantage in businesses because a competent leader will take risks, manage teamwork, solve problems that affect individuals and enhance business knowledge (McCauley, 2006). The emergent virtual leadership shows competence in communication, innovation and creativity, mission and vision setting as well as teamwork management. The present leadership competencies that I have are vision setting, communication skills, creativity, cognitive ability, and innovation.

The possible adjustment that should be made to my leadership is in terms of functional or the group approach. I have learned that functional leadership indicates that guidance will be developed by learning (Morgeson, DeRue & Karam, 2010). The functional leadership approach should be adjusted with behavioral leadership which focuses on how an individual in a leadership position should influence how others perform in an organization. Therefore, a leader should set a vision and strategies that should be used. They should manage work, take the risk and manage change so that organizational goals can be attained.

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