Make your Memories Special and Unique with B612 install

Make your Memories Special and Unique with B612 install 1

Gone are the days when phones were just used to send and receive calls and text messages. These days, a good camera with a good resolution is the prerequisite for any smartphone in the market. However good be the camera, pictures taken without any filters or stickers is actually incomplete. A good photo these days consist of a proper angle, proper lighting, and appropriate stickers. The advent of social media photo-video sharing websites has added to this importance to the beautification of photos. There are very good applications like b612 install available in the App Store which offer to serve this purpose. In this article, we shall look into B612 and its features.

What is B612 Install?

B612 is a beauty and filter camera application developed by Snow Inc. that offers to take better photos and provide hundreds of stickers (many of them being Augmented Reality (AR) stickers). This app has over 5 million downloads.

Features of B612 Install

Some of the features of B612 Install are as follows:

  1. Amazing Stickers

B612 has over 1500+ stickers that help you to make your photo or selfie sessions fun. The stickers can make your face distorted or even turn it into a cute animal. There are also shiny effects and analog filters to provide the perfect kick-start for the day. What more, there are many drawing effects that you may draw while shooting a video.

  1. Real-time beauty effects

No more swiping on your phone to add the beauty effects. The face filters and beauty effects can be added right when you take a video or a photo. Filters to find the perfect skin and ideal face-shape with an easy slider – all of this helps you to take the perfect photos with perfect filters.

  1. Taste and Situation appropriate filters

Whether you are on your first date or hanging out with your friends in your favorite hotel, there is a sticker for each occasion. There are also stickers to suit every taste – fun going, traveling, etc. This adds some more fun to your Instagram posts giving it the fun authenticity it deserves.

  1. Create high-quality music videos

Creating high-quality music videos with a touch of fun is now easier with the b612 install. You can pair your videos with famous and exciting tunes and even create effects for your videos. You can also create slideshows with music.

You can also create funny boomerangs very easily.

  1. Cute characters

B612 install comes with many cute characters which can come alive with Augmented Reality (AR) stickers. These characters increase the cuteness and fun in your photos.

  1. Photo editing

B612 install comes with excellent photo and video editing facilities. These allow you to make your photos more special and also create collages with your existing photos with effects. What more do you require to make your memories more fun andorganized than these colleges?

b612 install also comes with Face Technology and Image segmentation which are developed by companies like sensitive and NHLBI.Inc, making it one of the best camera apps in the market.

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