Mobile Abuse Leads To Divorce Cases Ending Happy Marriage

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Digital revolution in the last two- three decades have changed the communication technology thoroughly and people have become much more dependent on electronic devices and internet services. In this course of time, Mobile as a device has gained more prominence than ever. This pocket-friendly device within its tiny body incorporated every possible technological facility it can. All these facilities attracted within a limited budget attracted more and more target demographic, which resulted in a society full of smart mobile phones owned by anyone under the sky.

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As a boon

The device can be helpful for both emergency and regular services; it can be used as a radio, as a television screen, as a music player, and much more. Fishermen can get to know information of weather or upcoming disasters in coastal areas. Farmers can get information regarding framing, use of fertilizers and pesticides. Students get any kind of study material available over the internet. People can order food grains to grocery products along with apparel and other necessary services over online platforms using mobile phones. So, a device can solve every possible need of yours in your daily life.

As a curse

As a scientific and technological boon, mobile has various positive features along with all the negative effects of too much exposure to the digital world. The mobile phone services which can be used for better living are also hampering the normal course of our life. Mobile addiction has increased at such a level that people sitting within a group of friends are avoiding the friends present actually and totally engaged in the virtual world. People have started avoiding actual relationships in their life in search of more like over social media.

Children are so much intrigued over mobile phones; they have stopped the regular communication with parents on a regular service. This excessive addiction is causing health problems too as the data waves create a severe pressure over the brain. Other than that, less popularity and least liked profiles on social media are creating a mental pressure among the young generation causing damage to mental health. Even the lack of mobile phone is causing a feeling of inferiority among the teenagers and they are committing suicide to threaten their parents.

Mobile as a smart device is getting used for negative use too. Criminals are using technological advances to cause more damage to mankind. Though unintentionally science practitioners are coming with new technology regularly and provide more and more features within a budget, that any one from a low income level family can also own. This may be helping the needy users for online class or buying medicines in online applications or consult a doctor over video call. But also, the availability of mobile phones within a limited budget can cause harm too.

This over-use of mobile is causing various marriages leading to ultimate divorce. Divorce attorney Provo Utah is helping the folks fighting over a divorce case and trying to solve their case outside the court with discussion. They suggest both the participants in the divorce case to solve their issue sitting in front of each other if needed, with alumni.

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