Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Tech Geek in 2021


If you are not well versed with technology, gift-giving to someone who becomes a herculean task. But worry no more! Here is a list of fool-proof, fail-proof, and all sorts of -proof gifts that a tech geek can not just use but show off in the group chat too.

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The Apple AirPods Pro

This summer’s must-haves from Apple include the very pricey, but very worth it – the Apple AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro is noise canceling, has a longer battery life, is lighter and thinner (so they look better in quality), is fully sweat-proof and resistant to water, and comes with three different sized comfortable silicone tips to fit securely. If the tech geek in your life listens to a lot of music, he will love you for this tasteful gift.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

It’s the most astute mug on the market! You can use an app to monitor the temperature of your drink and keep it hot for much longer than usual, particularly when it’s on the base that is offered with the cup. It is perfect for your office desk or the weekends when you want to stay in bed a little longer. With this mug from Amazon, you can make sure that your tech geek gets those extra hours in bed or the office while still having his coffee or tea hot as it comes.

The Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Chances are, any tech geek and spend all day on their laptop or tablet, and light generated can be harmful to their health. Pros advocate wearing glasses to filter out dangerous UV radiation, so if they are not using a blue blocker as part of their prescription, go for these glasses that have over 40,000 ratings on Amazon! Want to make some additional savings? Shop from ShopCash for them today!

The Amazon Echo Show 10

This is the most recent Echo Show 10! It lets you make video calls to friends and relatives, watch movies, play games, listen to music, monitor the weather, power all of your smart home gadgets, and much more. What’s the most useful part? It has motion tracking to track you around and keep you in the frame at all times. This means you can talk to your tech geek even when they are moving around and working.

Back And Neck Massager

Oprah loves it, Chiropractors adore it, and a tech geek will love it too! After a long day of staying stagnant at a laptop or screen, having something that will massage your back and shoulders is nothing short of a gift from the heavens themselves (or, in this case, from Amazon.). Buy them one of these, and you will never hear another word of body aches and pains. Yes, it is that good.

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