How to Protect Your Kids from Slenderman

How to Protect Your Kids from Slenderman 1

Today, kids and teenagers can’t be separated from gadget and internet. They usually waste so much time to browse many things on internet. But, remember that internet may give negative impact to your kids. For example is Slenderman case. Have you ever heard about it?

What is Slenderman?

As mentioned before, internet may give negative impact to your child. Whenever your kids read some stories on internet, not every story gives positive impact to your kids. There is a case that was so popular since 2017. The case is about Slenderman. Slenderman is a fiction character that relates to horror story. The character is described as faceless man who will stalk kids and make them feel paranoid and trauma.

Actually, Slenderman is just fiction. It was created when there was competition about horror character. But, it becomes popular after many people create stories about him. The stories read by many kids and teenagers, and then it becomes serious problem. There was a tragic case experienced by a teenager. She played hide and seek with her friends, but finally her friends stub her after she was trapped by them into local wood. Luckily, that teenager survived because the wound missed an artery.

The defendants of that case told police that they did it because of Slenderman. They are afraid of Slenderman who will hurt their family if they didn’t hurt their friends. From this case, we can conclude that stories on internet can influence kids and teenagers’ mind. As a parent, we need to know about every content and site visited by our kids every day. It will protect our kids from Slenderman.

What to Do for Protecting Kids from Slenderman?

Although Slenderman is just fiction, but some people told that they have seen Slenderman in real life. It may make kids and teenagers feel so afraid and finally believe that Slenderman is real character. When your kids think about Slenderman day by day, it may make your kids feel so paranoid. So, what to do?

The best thing to do is knows about your kid’s friend. Being possessive and over-protective parents may be good for protecting your kids from Slenderman. Make sure you always know about friends of your kids. Don’t let your kids play outside, especially in a place that is so far from your home.

Using spy application is also useful. For example, you can use Flexispy. It is a spy application that will help you to monitor your kid’s device. Flexispy will make you easier to know about what your kid access on internet. Finally, you can know whether your kids are threatened by Slenderman or not. Flexispy will also make you easier to track GPS location, and finally you will know whether your kids are in danger or not.

With Flexispy, you can also know about people who send your kids messages and chats. It is useful to make sure that your kid doesn’t receive message from stranger or psychopath. With Flexispy, you can protect your kid from Slenderman.

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