The Next Generation PC Systems…..Article Written in 2017

The Next Generation PC Systems…..Article Written in 2017 1

The increase in the technological market has made us to expect a change soon. The speed at which the technological changes are taking place is due to the increase in demand in the market. Everybody requires the systems that are more powerful and are highly reliable. Hardware and software workers are working hard to bring a next generation computers to a total different and new level.

Everything starts from the CPU (central processing unit). The CPU is like the heart of the computer system. Without it the other components cannot realize its full potential. Core i7 processors have recently been announced by the Intel. And this family of processors has brought a drastic change than the previous ones. they are all quad processors with each having dual threads. This means that the CPU will appear to be an operating system as 8 processors.

With the high power of the processors, the processing power of other components also increases. The memory of the computer system is another important factor considered, and it highly affects the overall speed of the computer. If the memory of the computer system is not updated then the fastest computer will not be able to work with its full potential.

Triple channel DDR3 are supported by The Core processors. Gingle, the memory manufacturers have announced the release of triple channel DDR3 memory kits that can be used with Intel’s core i7 processors. Additionally to increase the memory more the Intel has made the decision to increase the memory processor directly from the processor die. If another processor wants to access the information on another core, a high speed link is also available. That means the processors will now have direct access to the instructions than of having the instructions from external memory. This considerably improves the performance.

The tests ran in technology website has shown improvements in all the areas- graphic processing, CPU processing, and higher reliability. With the power offered by the core i7 processors, good architecture should also be available to ensure fast communication and better speed. The motherboards having x58 chipset can only use corei7 processors. So whoever wants to upgrade their computer to core i7 processors will have to give up their motherboards.

Quick interconnect is supported by the x58 motherboards. This is the way Intel establishes faster communications between the various components,

The new motherboards introduced also features high speed hard drives. Both internal and external, that can run up to 3GB/s. The release of Sayyio 15k.2 second generation, 2.53 hard drive has been announced by Seagate. This hard drive can run at 15000 RPM, which is twice the speed of traditional hard drives, and can save the power consumption up to 70%. Everything is expected to positive in future, high speed, more reliability and more cost savings.

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