The Most Prevailing Call Center Software Capabilities

The Most Prevailing Call Center Software Capabilities

When you hear the word call center, the stereotypical image comes to mind. You envision someone who picks up the phone in order to assist customers. If this is what you are thinking, then you clearly do not know on what planet you live on. Call centers have evolved significantly over the course of time, adopting cutting-edge technology and making their services that much better. Actually, it is technology that has transformed call center into such a dependable department. Customer care is what it is today thanks to technology like call center software. Speaking about call center software, it is made available in all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, it has many capabilities. Please continue reading to discover the most prevailing ones.

Outbound Calling

If you have not been interested in a job in the service industry, you have no way of knowing that employers are looking for people who can manage outbound campaigns. What they want are sales reps to initiate outbound calls, namely to get in touch with customers and sell, sell, sell. As you can imagine, it is expected of sales reps to manage the campaigns that the initiate, which can be laborious if the work is completed manually. Thank God for technology. Operating systems that are specifically designed for call center departments, like bpm’online agent desktop and Agile CRM to help sales reps do their jobs efficiently. With the help of the program, they can:

  • Do their research, data being only a few clicks away
  • Prioritize outbound calls
  • Have a 360 degree view of the calling campaign
  • Anticipate sales objections

The point is that outbound calling works if you have a good plan and the right piece of technology.


Call Recording

People who work as call center agents are required to retain the conversations that they have had with clients.  You may not think of this as being a big deal, but in reality it matter how good your memory is, you cannot possibly remember everything that you or the other person has said to each other. Well, not if you have call center software. The reason why many departments have implemented technology is to allow agents to record the incoming and outgoing calls. Thanks to a tool like Predictive Dialer by Innitel Telecom, it is possible to record conversations and thus keep hold of valuable information.

The thing that needs to be understood is that keeping track of calls and implicitly conversations allows employees as well as supervisors to store essential information on the server of the program. No third-party software is required. The great thing is that anyone can gain access to that data and solve pending issues.     

Inbound Case Management

Once upon a time, case management used to be simple. All employees were required to do was address the issue of the caller. Things aren’t the same anymore. To be more precise, at present people are highly unpredictable, so there is no way of knowing what they can possibly want, let alone make them happy. Call center software comes to the rescue once again. With this kind of operating system in place, case management is as easy as child’s play. Not only can call center agents identify callers, but also they can pick the most suitable service scenario.

What technology does is provide people the opportunity to bypass departments and do their job. At the end of the day, you want that kind of technology in place. What has been outlined in this article represents only the most common features. This translates into the fact that CRM for call center is not limited to these capabilities. It can help in many other ways.  

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