Is Online learning good or bad?

Online learning

Education is the birthright of every child. Providing the right education to a child is the most important duty of a parent. Education shapes the future of a child. There have been changes in our daily technologies frequently. Even the process of learning is also undergoing various changes. Centuries ago children were homeschooled, slowly the tradition of going to school for gaining knowledge and education became necessary, but now things are slowly changing. We are becoming more advanced day by day. Technologies are in trend. Nowadays, online learning is a trend. Not only a trend, but it is also very risky for people to go out and engage themselves in their daily lives.

2020 has been very challenging for each one of us. How can we possibly let the children go out and attend their schools and daily classes? During this Coronavirus pandemic, the world has witnessed lockdowns and curfews. How can parents choose between the health of their child and the future of the child? Without proper education, the child might lose track and end up not having a proper life. But with online classes, this can be avoided.


Some merits of learning online at this time are:

  • Safe and cozy environment: With online learning, the child can learn a lot of things while being in the safest and most comfortable environment i.e., their homes.
  • Preparing for the future: if children get to handle technological gadgets from a very young age, they will master handling technologies thus can be prepared well for the future.

Online Learning technologies are evolving at this time. Lido Learning is India’s own technological platform which provides online classes for various age groups of children. The Lido tutors teach different subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and the newest of all, Coding. Children should not be bound to learn things he/she doesn’t like. Every child is different from the others. Some take less time to learn comparatively than others while some might take more time.

Children learn different things at various stages of their lives. Learning is an ongoing process. We never stop learning things, then why should children compromise? Online Learning has an advantage that cannot be denied, one can learn anything without any barrier which is not possible is schools and universities.

Why should a child attend Lido Learning Classes?

Lido Tutors are trained and they use the right set of skills and knowledge which would help a child to learn properly. The classes provided by them are not one way. They provide interactive sessions where children get to ask the teachers. Classes should not be boring at all, thus the Lido Tutors involve the children in various fun activities like different kinds of experiments and also make the classes more fun by arranging fun quizzes.


Lido tutors are fluent English speakers therefore interacting with them can improve a child’s English speaking skills. Moreover, they also use Hinglish so that the child can understand the difficult parts. By attending Lido Learning classes a child can have various opportunities in the future.

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