What basic things you should know before PSD to WordPress Conversion?

What basic things you should know before PSD to WordPress Conversion? 1

Will you be surprised to know that around 50,000 new WordPress websites are delivered online every day? Yes. It is. WordPress websites now conquer over 30% of the total space of the internet. Every business and service provider looks for the best ways to stand out from the huge crowd of different websites. The best way to achieve this task is to create a unique and custom theme designed specially and specifically for your website, and that is possible through the conversion of PSD to WordPress.

PSD to WordPress conversion

Three standards are commonly used by developers when designing a website – PSD, WP, and recently Twitter Bootstrap. PSD stands for Photoshop Document and WP stands for WordPress. Photoshop document is created in Photoshop, and PSD is the generally used file format of Photoshop, which supports almost all image types. If you have not yet thought about switching to WordPress, this is the time to reconsider your decision. Conversion of PSD into WordPress can be easy and tricky if you are aware of the basic things. Here are the basic things you should know before converting PSD to WordPress.

Analysis, Breaking, and Slicing

Start with analyzing the PSD file to understand the complication you have to face. Be very clear about what you are going to do since it helps you make a systematic start. Start with breaking the PSD design into logical content blocks and code into HTML. Then continue with slicing. This may be one of the toughest tasks in the process. Slicing is the process of cutting and diving the single image files into several image files. The process is termed as slicing since it creates separate elements from a single design. Each of the sliced files contains different elements of the whole design.

Creating Index.html and coding the design

Get spiced up yourself. Now you are into the world of programming to start with design. There is no need to get frustrated since it is easy. Just create a static HTML and CSS template from the crafted PSD design with any of the better software packages. Now it is the time of coding. Merge the image files into different scripting languages since most of the internet browsers and search engines are not compatible with PSD files.

Crafting WordPress theme and adding effects

Now convert the index.html files into a WordPress theme with suitable software. If you have access to WordPress theme file structure, break the single HTML files into different files based on the theme and start adding the effects like clicks, hover, mouse rollover, etc. It is these effects that make your website functional, smarter, and easier for visitors to use. Then continue with WordPress integration, add functionalities, and add tags.

These basic things make the conversion of PSD to WordPress easy for you. You can also make use of professional services offered by the online service providers to get quality PSD to WordPress services with 100 % perfection.

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